Our Manifesto

We believe that the future is our most precious luxury.

We believe in preserving nature.

We believe that human wisdom creates beautiful innovations.

We believe in partnering and ecosystems.

We believe in daring to leap into an audacious future.</p>

Our Mission

We stand for the optimism and possibilities of sustainably created diamonds and their guilt free enjoyment.

Our diamonds are crafted from greenhouse gas crystallized in our foundry in America. Once crystallized, the greenhouse gas can no longer go make the atmosphere reflect heat and warm the planet. Each carat helps save the climate.

No mining. No emissions. No guilt.

No mining is at the heart of our purpose.

No emissions is the standard we set not met by anyone else.

No guilt allows us to love big diamonds, in all forms and shapes.

We are proud to [support global causes and social organizations](/journal/post/our-causes) that move us all forward.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2014, VRAI is today growing around the world as Diamond Foundry's D2C business with ever more showrooms in the United States, Europe, and China.

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